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We plan, share and amplify your business narratives through effective inbound and outbound marketing strategies, and trusted execution.


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  • Whiteboard video on storage economics for IBM
    IBM Whiteboard Video: Making the economics of enterprise storage easy to understand
  • Shell Blendpro
    Shell Chemicals: A formula for innovation
  • SES India Summit
    SES: Expanding customers’ reach to new markets


We come up with compelling messages and complete communications strategies to make thought leaders out of our clients.


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  • The team has diligently dug deep into Siemens’ wide spectrum of business to understand, find and develop content. They have done a fantastic job in profiling Siemens as a technology leader and extending our media reach.
    Sharon Teo, Communications, Siemens (Singapore)
  • I can’t say enough what a pleasure it has been to work with you and your organization – your team is professional, knowledgeable and have delivered so much value to this project. Your firm is the type of firm we look to partner with.
    Marcia Goff, Senior Manager, Communications, Thermo Fisher
  • ...your work can’t be appreciated enough. Great! We are very happy to have you on board and to work with you. Your ROI based on the Ad Equivalent Value is 7.7 which is amazing!
    Inga Heinemann, PR Manager, BENEO
  • Credit goes to the Ying Communications team for their close follow up with the journalist (and her editor) to provide all the necessary information and messaging.
    Richard Ng, Director of Marketing, Tableau Asia Pacific
  • PR training clients
    Media training and crisis simulation made for Asia
  • Clariant ONE WAY
    Clariant: Communicating ecology and economy
  • Tableau
    Tableau Software: Growing fast, going strong


We deliver training that fits, bringing years of practical experience to each session that deliver real insights, real tools and real results.


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  • PR training clients
    Media training and crisis simulation made for Asia

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