Going places with a great team

PR & Social Media Manager, Ying PR

PR & social media folks who love B2B. Apply here. The PR & Social Manager we are looking for has curiosity about how the B2B world works, is […]

PR Specialist/PR Coordinator, Ying PR

If B2B PR & social media gets you excited, you’ve come to the right place. The PR Specialist/PR Coordinator may be the job for you. You’re probably just starting out […]
Finn Partners

Ying Is Now Part Of Finn Partners

We wanted to let you know about an exciting change for us at Ying. As of 4 April, we officially become part of Finn Partners, a […]
Thought Leadership

5 signs your ‘thought leadership’ content is crap

Like many terms used in the marketing and PR industry, “thought leadership” has become so badly abused that when clients ask us to create “thought leadership […]
15 lessons from running a B2B agency

15 lessons from 15 years of running a B2B agency

It was May 2001. Two people – an in-house PR professional and an aircraft engineer turned marketer – decided to embark on an experiment: to start […]
SEO B2B content like Kim

SEO your B2B content like Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian’s PAPER Magazine cover broke the Internet with a whopping 6.6 million direct page views one day after the story was published, and this doesn’t even […]
B2B marketing on Facebook

10 B2B marketing tips for Facebook

If “Don’t let the algorithms let you down” was a cat poster, Facebook marketers would probably be the first to snap it up in dealing with […]

Why B2B Headlines Can’t be Boring

What do zombie apocalypses, Alec Baldwin and power-suited superheroes have in common? They are all used to headline B2B campaigns. Surprised? Don’t be. First, here are […]

Don’t let media training turn you into a corporate zombie.

In the book “The Most Human Human: What AI teaches us about being alive” by Brian Christian, the author describes how – in the headlong rush toward maximum efficiency – corporations and […]