Thought leaders are made, not born.

Thought leadership is about having answers to your industry’s toughest questions. It is about working with the media, analysts, and other stakeholders to make sure your target audience hears your insights on what’s going on and how it can help their business.

You have a voice, we can help you be heard.

What can B2B PR do for you?

Find the great stories that you already have
It’s a bit like digging for gold. We will dive deep into your industry to find those nuggets for you. You have great stories to tell, let us help you find them, polish them and share them.

There is more to B2B PR than press releases
Get away from the press release mentality. In B2B, it is increasingly important to tailor your messages and stories to each audience. You want them to be engaged? Talk to them like individuals, and not a crowd.

A good story needs a good storyteller
Your executives know the business, they know the industry. But to convince your audience, they need to tell your stories well. We can help them become more effective spokespersons for your brand.

Have a PR project to discuss? Contact us
Give us a call and see how our B2B PR services can work for you:

Communications planning Build market-specific communication plans that will ensure your voice will be heard on a regular basis, delivering consistent messages and brand recognition that your business needs to grow.
Disciplined execution Our PR retainers are built like sales plans, with quarterly KPIs. Our team takes ownership in driving proactive, consistent results for your organisation, rain or shine.
Global PR management You have a lot on your plate, let us help you manage your global or regional PR needs to ensure results across the region, and report them in an integrated manner.
Content development From opinion articles, blog posts and social media updates to case studies and even press releases, our team develops the content that makes your executives thought leaders in your space.
Analyst relations Having regular, meaningful interactions with analysts help you stay top of mind with this very important influencer group. Our analyst relations programmes are structured to make sure this happens.
Media and crisis communications training Our media training programmes can make your spokespersons more effective, while our crisis communications programmes prepare them to protect your brand in the worst of times.
Issues and crisis management When disaster strikes, our clients come to us to tap our extensive issues and crisis management experience to help steer them through the stormy weather.

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