The Asian media landscape Part 2 – China

China – Coming to grips with the Middle Kingdom Last week we talked about Singapore, probably the smallest country in Asia. Now for a bit of […]

Why you can’t do an Expendables 2 with your edm campaigns

The upcoming Expendables 2 movie throws in every action hero from the last 20 years and crams it into 100 minutes of awesomeness. Stallone, Van Damme, […]

The day Afro Circus came to town

Pretty much the whole of last week, our office rang with the sound of music, and not the Julie Andrews’ kind. It was our own version […]

Why Asia is the new center of gravity for B2B

Do your family and friends understand what you do for a living? I am not sure mine do sometimes. Actually, I am not sure they want […]

To thine own self be true

I am shy. Seriously, I am. When I tell people this, I get a lot of snorts and disbelieving looks, especially from those who know me […]

Why your inner geek holds the secret to success in B2B communications

When we interview potential employees, we always ask them: Are you a geek? Do you care about how things work, not just what they do? The […]