Don’t let media training turn you into a corporate zombie.

In the book “The Most Human Human: What AI teaches us about being alive” by Brian Christian, the author describes how – in the headlong rush toward maximum efficiency – corporations and […]

How B2B PR professionals can help with – not add to – media fatigue

As a PR professional, most of us start our day checking our email and our task sheets to get a sense of our schedule for the […]

Introducing your B2B brand in Asia? Here’s how to start your PR right.

In recent months, we have been approached by several B2B companies from the US and Europe on how to introduce their brand in Asia. There are […]

To boldly go where no man (or woman) has gone before

Though our blog section in our website is entitled “Learn to B2B”, regular readers will tell you that – more often than not – they are […]

Everything is transient

You know they say nothing lasts forever. However, the mere transient nature of human life and every aspect of it is something all of us take […]

This could be anywhere…

“Hi, my name is Nina and I am a Public Relations Account Executive”. A year ago, I never thought I would introduce myself as that (in […]

The existential PR person asks – What am I doing here?

When I first joined the PR industry in the mid-1990s, fresh out of school, I had a hard time making my mum understand what it is […]

The Asian media landscape Part 5 – Vietnam

Vietnam – Rising star? This is the final installment in our five-part blog on the Asian media landscape. Vietnam has come up a lot in our […]

The Asian media landscape Part 4 – Japan

Japan – A study in contrasts In many of the companies we work with, Japan is treated as standalone country when it comes to marketing campaigns […]