Confessions of a not-so-dangerous mind (The B2B Copywriter’s Ethos)

I think it was the rock critic Lester Bangs — or it might have been the Lester Bangs played by Philip Seymour Hoffmann in Almost Famous […]

Supporting SingTel’s Strategy to Supply Singapore SMEs with the Specifics for Technology Success is an online resource for small businesses in Singapore. It provides advice to business owners on how to make the most of technology and improve […]

Why B2B needn’t be boring: creative ways to promote enterprise solutions

“Our target prospects aren’t on Facebook”. We tend to hear that a lot from our B2B clients looking to drive awareness or generate leads for their […]

Why your inner geek holds the secret to success in B2B communications

When we interview potential employees, we always ask them: Are you a geek? Do you care about how things work, not just what they do? The […]

Facebook Auto-Reply Fail

When communications break down. View larger.

Stock Image Fail

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It’s nice. But is it creative?

What is creativity? How about answering the question with another question: What’s the context?

Creative block breaker #3: Exaggerate

Yet one more creative block breaker that works pretty well.

Creative block breaker #2: The Destroyer

Here’s a particularly effective way of clearing creative blocks.