B2B marketing on Facebook

10 B2B marketing tips for Facebook

If “Don’t let the algorithms let you down” was a cat poster, Facebook marketers would probably be the first to snap it up in dealing with […]

Why B2B Headlines Can’t be Boring

What do zombie apocalypses, Alec Baldwin and power-suited superheroes have in common? They are all used to headline B2B campaigns. Surprised? Don’t be. First, here are […]

Who are the social media champions of World Cup 2014?

For the last couple of weeks in the office, B2B for us has meant “Brazil 2 Beat”. So, in the spirit of the season, here’s a neat […]

It’s Friday night, and everything’s all right in B2B

It’s 8.30 pm on a Friday night and the entire PR team is still here working away. We are supposed to be out for a belated […]
New facebook news feed

What B2B Marketers Need to Know about Facebook’s New News Feed

Just two days ago, Facebook announced a major update to their News Feed. The News Feed is the first thing people see when they launch the […]

Teaching is the Best Way of Learning

Nothing compares to the feeling of being able to make a difference in someone else’s life, no matter how small. It is the little gestures that […]

This could be anywhere…

“Hi, my name is Nina and I am a Public Relations Account Executive”. A year ago, I never thought I would introduce myself as that (in […]

50 ways to say goodbye, but only one is right

If you haven’t already seen it, Train’s music video on “50 ways to say goodbye“, featuring David Hasselhoff and a Mexican mariachi band, ranks right up […]

Microsoft Citizenship: When B2B is more than just business

At Ying Communications, business is sometimes more than just about business-to-business (B2B) communications. Sometimes, it is about celebrating shining moments of humanity, and telling the story […]