15 lessons from running a B2B agency

15 lessons from 15 years of running a B2B agency

It was May 2001. Two people – an in-house PR professional and an aircraft engineer turned marketer – decided to embark on an experiment: to start […]

Top 3 tips for career seekers in B2B communications

I’ve been asked this many times – especially from the younger generation who are recent leavers from mass comms school, who want to find out if […]

Why change is good for B2B

To survive (and enjoy) the world of B2B communications, learn to live with change.

Empathy: the heart of crisis communications

Crisis communications – no matter how polished or practiced – would almost certainly never work without that most essential human ingredient: the ability to emphatize with […]

How B2B PR professionals can help with – not add to – media fatigue

As a PR professional, most of us start our day checking our email and our task sheets to get a sense of our schedule for the […]

It’s Friday night, and everything’s all right in B2B

It’s 8.30 pm on a Friday night and the entire PR team is still here working away. We are supposed to be out for a belated […]

The “Stop, Breathe, Think” approach to successful B2B communications

Our General Manager for PR gives us a timely reminder that in our frenzied rush to ‘execute’, ‘optimize’ and ‘expedite’ B2B PR projects, it will always […]

Introducing your B2B brand in Asia? Here’s how to start your PR right.

In recent months, we have been approached by several B2B companies from the US and Europe on how to introduce their brand in Asia. There are […]

To boldly go where no man (or woman) has gone before

Though our blog section in our website is entitled “Learn to B2B”, regular readers will tell you that – more often than not – they are […]