How B2B PR professionals can help with – not add to – media fatigue

As a PR professional, most of us start our day checking our email and our task sheets to get a sense of our schedule for the […]

Keep calm, and say what you mean

“Feel the feelings. Drop the story.” Here’s our editor’s take on zen and the art of being clear in B2B communications.

One does not simply write good copy

When The Hobbit gained rave reviews when it first opened in cinemas, I took a trip down memory lane and re-read the original Lord of the […]

What we talk about when we talk about Fellini

EXT: A LOST HIGHWAY SOMEWHERE — DAY A gridlock ensues. MAN is trapped inside an unventilated car, another animal no longer at ease with its atmosphere, […]

What are you doing now? Do it well.

Hello people, hello 2013, goodbye last 365 days of 2012. It may seem strange that the number of days it takes our dear earth to make […]

Supporting SingTel’s Strategy to Supply Singapore SMEs with the Specifics for Technology Success is an online resource for small businesses in Singapore. It provides advice to business owners on how to make the most of technology and improve […]

Why you can’t do an Expendables 2 with your edm campaigns

The upcoming Expendables 2 movie throws in every action hero from the last 20 years and crams it into 100 minutes of awesomeness. Stallone, Van Damme, […]