Don’t let media training turn you into a corporate zombie.

In the book “The Most Human Human: What AI teaches us about being alive” by Brian Christian, the author describes how – in the headlong rush toward maximum efficiency – corporations and […]

Want to boost your B2B cred? Then don’t join ‘Who’s Who’ registry scams.

I notice that there’s now a sponsored link on my LinkedIn home page that says – as an NUS alumnus – I can apply to join […]

Top 3 tips for career seekers in B2B communications

I’ve been asked this many times – especially from the younger generation who are recent leavers from mass comms school, who want to find out if […]

New job – Account Executive (B2B Digital/Marketing Automation)

ACCOUNT EXECUTIVE (DIGITAL/MARKETING AUTOMATION) Posted 16 July 2013 We’re looking for a person who thrives in the dark arts of digital project and marketing automation management. […]

Looking for B2B communicators – past, present, future.

If you’re looking for a job that you’ll find hard to describe to your parents, we want you. Write to, and tell us a bit […]

Why change is good for B2B

To survive (and enjoy) the world of B2B communications, learn to live with change.

3 things you can’t ignore in B2B content marketing

A couple of weeks ago, Matt Owen from eConsultancy wrote about how content marketing is not all about campaigns. I couldn’t agree more. Content marketing is […]

The dangers of the echo chamber effect in B2B communications

Echo chambers, while emotionally comfortable, are dangerous places to live in. Here’s what B2B communicators need to know about the effects of echo chambers in corporate […]

Empathy: the heart of crisis communications

Crisis communications – no matter how polished or practiced – would almost certainly never work without that most essential human ingredient: the ability to emphatize with […]