SEO B2B content like Kim

Kim Kardashian’s PAPER Magazine cover broke the Internet with a whopping 6.6 million direct page views one day after the story was published, and this doesn’t even include the billions of impressions created on social media channels and news outlets. So what can we learn from Kim, and how can we apply these rules to raise the SEO rankings of our B2B content?

To help you keep up with Google’s 2015 infamous algorithmic updates, here are our top practical strategies on SEO for your B2B content:

  • Creating Quality Content

The algorithms may constantly be subjected to changes, but creating top-notch quality content is basic for SEO. Remember, your site and its contents are built for your users, not for search engines. Since Google can now detect the quality of your content, it is extremely important to ensure that your content quality is maintained. A consistent quality content will award you with higher traffic, driving more business and revenue.

  • Updating Your Website Regularly

Kim updates her blog every two to three days, and this is a pretty good SEO practice. You can utilize editorial calendars such as CoSchedule to help you maintain realistic content timelines to plan, create, publish and share your amazing B2B content.

Below is a sample screenshot of how the editorial calendar looks like:

An editorial calendar

  • Get Mobile-Friendly

PCs are so 2008. Even those living under a rock in 2015 are using their smartphones and tablets to Instagram, Facebook and Google. (They might even be playing Kim’s mobile game Kim Kardashian: Hollywood.)  Seriously, with Google’s latest mobile-friendly update, it is absolutely essential for your SEO that your site is mobile-optimized. This will help boost your user experience across all platforms, and as a result, your content will get more shares.  If you would like to do a simple check to see if your website is mobile ready, try out Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test.

Here’s what you should hope to see:

Yes, it's mobile friendly

  • Playing in the Social Media Sandbox

With 30 million Twitter followers, 25 million on Facebook and 28 million on Instagram, Kim is letting you know social media is the SEO way to go. An effective presence on social media will help build a favorable fan base and push up your ranks in the search engine as your base grows.

For attracting more eyeballs to your B2B content, we encourage you to play on the grounds of Facebook, Google+, YouTube, Twitter and LinkedIn.

  • Linking Keywords and Phrases

By now, you must have noticed that some of the words or phrases used throughout this article are hyperlinked. Linking your content informs the search engines that the target of your link is relevant and important for your user to know, and that you want to simplify the reader’s experience by directing them straight to the page.

According to Vaibhav Kakkar, co-founder of RankWatch, “Content that links back to your site does not have to be in your face with exact or partial match, or even branded keywords as your anchor text.” This means your keywords can also be found in your title tags, body content and images.

If the terms title tags and H1 are getting you confused, let me help you out. H1 is the header tag or a HTML tag that is usually in the title of a post while title tags are used on search engine result pages, displaying a preview of the given page.

Tip: Optimize your H1. As these are influential to the way the search engine organizes the results, it is good practice to ensure that your keywords are represented. In using the relevant keywords, your user would not need to return to the search results after clicking on the individual result. Since we’ve titled this article “How to SEO your B2B content like Kim Kardashian”,  we’ve included the words “SEO”, “B2B content” and “Kim Kardashian” into our H1. By making it so much easier for the user to understand that – on a glance – it’s exactly what he’s been looking for, you’ll get pushed up the rankings.

In B2B marketing, we don’t often get to live the life of a celebrity. But just follow our basic tips, and your B2B content SEO should be good to go: the Kim Kardashian way.



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