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Growing malware threats. Human error. Complex IT environments. These are security issues organisations today cannot escape from. To help customers deal with these dangers and maintain its standing as a thought leader in the IT security space, Symantec devised a new approach to think about and manage security risk: Cyber Resilience.

The approach is a comprehensive way to deal with the threats and risks present today. It puts the power of security back in the hands of people and leverages their collective intelligence to recognise potential gaps and take preventive action.

We developed the web content to help customers understand the concept of Cyber Resilience. Launched near the end of 2013, the microsite content also includes thought-leadership resources, such as an article that covered leading security tips, and a central Manifesto that detailed cyber risks today and how to overcome them. The microsite also includes webinars from top Symantec experts, explaining the imminent danger of targeted attacks.

The idea of Cyber Resilience is now spread across Singapore and around the region. The articles and webinars are accessible by customers throughout Asia Pacific. Since its launch, a calculator tool known as the Symantec Cyber Resilience Assessment has also been added to help visiting customers determine their level of security and areas of improvement.