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SES, a leading global commercial satellite operator based out of Luxembourg, needed to ramp up its presence in Asia, in order to take advantage of exciting opportunities in one of the world’s most important economic regions.

The company asked for our help to craft an Asia Pacific-specific positioning platform that would appeal to media, commercial and government clients looking to reach out to their audiences in the region.

“Achieving greater heights. Together.”
As a starting point, we conducted a primary survey with selected SES customers and partners in the region, in order to establish the market’s current perceptions of the company. In parallel, we ran a competitive analysis of the satellite industry in the region, with a focus on local satellite operators – many of which were funded (and in some instances, operated) by governments in Asia.

By combining our primary research on customer perceptions with the competitive landscape, we were able to identify brand gaps which SES could potentially exploit, while staying true to its core proposition. The recommendations were subsequently translated into thought leadership content, taglines and brand messages for use on corporate and services brochures, as well as at key industry events such as CommunicAsia 2012.