Digital literacy and basic programming skills are becoming essential skills expected in today’s workplace, and the demand looks set to increase with future job needs. The technology sector will continue to be a major driving force behind economic growth in Asia, and youth with ICT skills will have better access to employment and other socio-economic opportunities.

To ensure that young people in Asia have access to ICT education and training, Microsoft launched a campaign ‘We Speak Code’ in partnership with the non-profit organisation Premised on the diversity of languages within Asia Pacific where more than 2,000 languages are spoken, the campaign theme calls on people to make code their second language.

As part of it, the We Speak Code portal was created to provide free learning and instruction resources.

We worked within a short turnaround time to produce content that encourages people to get started by doing an hour of coding exercises, showcases the stories of successful Asian programmers, and provides clear guidance on social media sharing. Website development was done concurrently.

Launched early in preparation for the publicity week, the portal has not only successfully gathered eyeballs but has already driven readers such as college students in Nepal and Indonesian businesswomen to sign up for the self-directed lessons.