It’s 8.30 pm on a Friday night and the entire PR team is still here working away.

We are supposed to be out for a belated birthday celebration but the entire team is pitching in to help finish up on a client request that needs to be delivered today. Everybody is hungry. Everybody is tired. But there is still laughter amid the work.

At times like this, I am humbly reminded of why we do this for a living, and why this is something worth sweating and slaving for. We may work in the B2B world, but on nights like this, we know that ultimately, it is about the people behind the business.

I am very proud of the people we have here. It is a combination of the professionalism that won’t let them call it quits even though it’s late, and the teamwork that won’t allow the rest to go off and start partying when they know one of their number would have to continue to work away in the office.

I have no B2B communications counsel to share with you tonight. But it doesn’t matter, I have hope and faith that we are doing something right.


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