B2B social media – For better or worse

About a month ago, Allan wrote about how to say good-bye. Well, the relationship theme continues this week. Let’s put it this way – all of […]

Getting under the covers with B2B clients

I love Sex and the City – I really do. I stay up hours to watch a whole season through, and then stay up the next […]

Confessions of a not-so-dangerous mind (The B2B Copywriter’s Ethos)

I think it was the rock critic Lester Bangs — or it might have been the Lester Bangs played by Philip Seymour Hoffmann in Almost Famous […]

Finding the four-leaf clover in the B2B world

Everyone knows that finding a four-leaf clover is supposed to be lucky, given one occurs for every 10,000 three-leaf clovers.  Do you remember the song “I’m […]

50 ways to say goodbye, but only one is right

If you haven’t already seen it, Train’s music video on “50 ways to say goodbye“, featuring David Hasselhoff and a Mexican mariachi band, ranks right up […]

My brother, my captain, my king

(Warning: Please avert your eyes if you are not a fan) If you recognize the line straight off, I may not know you but I already […]

Microsoft Citizenship: When B2B is more than just business

At Ying Communications, business is sometimes more than just about business-to-business (B2B) communications. Sometimes, it is about celebrating shining moments of humanity, and telling the story […]

The existential PR person asks – What am I doing here?

When I first joined the PR industry in the mid-1990s, fresh out of school, I had a hard time making my mum understand what it is […]

Supporting SingTel’s Strategy to Supply Singapore SMEs with the Specifics for Technology Success

Mybusinesstechblog.com is an online resource for small businesses in Singapore. It provides advice to business owners on how to make the most of technology and improve […]