18 Puntastic CNY Promos from Singapore & Malaysia Where Copywriters Went Nuts

It’s the Year of the Goat, and as marketers roll out their CNY promotions, so do the ba-a-a-ad puns.
What it's like to be a B2B copywriter

What It’s like to Be a B2B Copywriter

Think the life of a B2B copywriter is for you? Aisyah tells us about her first few months at Ying Communications.

10 Horrors You Only Find in a B2B Marketing Agency

Ah, Halloween. That time of the year to buy cheap plastic tridents that never make it to next year. Our Ying-ites share their agency horror stories […]

Want to boost your B2B cred? Then don’t join ‘Who’s Who’ registry scams.

I notice that there’s now a sponsored link on my LinkedIn home page that says – as an NUS alumnus – I can apply to join […]

Don’t commit these #WordCrimes – a song for copywriters everywhere

Weird Al’s perfect tribute to copywriters and grammar police everywhere: #WordCrimes sung to the tune of #BlurredLines.  

Who are the social media champions of World Cup 2014?

For the last couple of weeks in the office, B2B for us has meant “Brazil 2 Beat”. So, in the spirit of the season, here’s a neat […]

Top 3 tips for career seekers in B2B communications

I’ve been asked this many times – especially from the younger generation who are recent leavers from mass comms school, who want to find out if […]

New job – Account Executive (B2B Digital/Marketing Automation)

ACCOUNT EXECUTIVE (DIGITAL/MARKETING AUTOMATION) Posted 16 July 2013 We’re looking for a person who thrives in the dark arts of digital project and marketing automation management. […]

Looking for B2B communicators – past, present, future.

If you’re looking for a job that you’ll find hard to describe to your parents, we want you. Write to info@yingcomms.com, and tell us a bit […]