Ah, Halloween. That time of the year to buy cheap plastic tridents that never make it to next year.

Our Ying-ites share their agency horror stories they have encountered over the years, causing much weeping and gnashing of teeth.

Check them out and prepare to be horrified.


The Cling-Wrapped Car



“There was enough Glad Wrap around my car to mummify a horse. Needless to say, I was not very glad.” – A



The Aaron Kwok Chair


“Once we decided to make a paper effigy of Aaron Kwok for a colleague who was in love with him. Unfortunately she was out for meetings the whole day, so we left him on her chair overnight. When the cleaning lady came in the next morning, she screamed the house down—and refused to clean the office for the rest of the week. We knew Aaron Kwok is scary. This just proves it!” – S & C


The Wet Dreamcatchers (NSFW)

“We have multi-coloured penis keychains hanging on our cupboards. Our boss referred to them as ‘wet dreamcatchers'”. – C


The Crime Scene Office


“We turned our boss’ office into a crime scene, complete with a body outline. He died from a suspected cardiac arrest (hur hur)” – S, C, & K


The Disappearing Desktop

image004 image005

“I got back from my holiday to find that my colleagues had moved everything on my table and under it (including my shoes) to the lunch table which was located in the middle of the office. Looks like my stuff decided to take a trip as well.” – N


The Dreadful Dedication

“Our KTV-loving boss enjoys singing Katy Perry and Cantonese songs. Possibly Cantonese Katy Perry Songs.”


The Late Date

“I had an article that I thought was due the next day. I only realised that the deadline was, in fact, due on the day itself. At 5.55pm.” – K


The Stressed-Out Psychosis

“I was stuck in a room with a stressed-out colleague—so stressed she kept bursting into hymns and whispering cryptic tech terms.” – I


The Accent Confusion


“I conducted a brainstorm session once, which included a relatively-new American-Hong Kong colleague. I had to pretend I understood what he was talking about and nodded, only to realise he was asking a question. P.S: It’s not you, I’m just bad with deciphering accents.” – K


The Infestation

“I was sitting at my colleague’s desk and noticed there was a dead baby cockroach on it. Naturally I freaked out and told her, to which she calmly replied, ‘Oh, I left it there as a warning to other cockroaches who want to roam free'” – Z

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