B2B marketing on Facebook

If “Don’t let the algorithms let you down” was a cat poster, Facebook marketers would probably be the first to snap it up in dealing with Facebook’s News Feed changes to maintain reach. After the social network announced a clampdown on promotional posts in November last year, its most recent algorithm update in last April seems tame – it seeks to balance friends’ posts against commercial ones.

Still, Facebook has clarified that updates from friends will get priority over brand pages. For B2B marketing, this could mean engagement rates heading due south. Here are 10 quick tips to make sure a dip doesn’t become a nosedive.


  1. Upload videos directly to Facebook

Did you know that videos have surpassed images in boosting engagement on Facebook? However, posting links of YouTube videos won’t cut it anymore.  Why? Well, this is so because natively uploaded Facebook videos get up to 52 times more views than YouTube videos.

  1. Make every link optimized for mobile

We mean every link – your company site, blog posts, landing pages for lead generation, and so on. Many of us check Facebook on our phones and tablets. Admit it, you wouldn’t stick around either if a site looks distorted on your screen.

  1. Share and post content multiple times

Don’t leave your content to die after just one posting – schedule and rotate them. There’s an average 1,500 posts from friends, people they follow and Pages they liked on someone’s News Feed, out of which only 300 are displayed, so chances are high that your posts might be missed.

  1. Be personable, not promotional

Skip the promotion updates, period. People use Facebook for the personal experience. When you’re marketing to businesses, these are also made up of individuals. Connect like you would a friend, such as writing about industry news or post fun information such as photos and success stories. This goes a long way in providing value and building your brand’s reputation as a go-to resource.

  1. Make the effort to engage

Content is important, but so is conversation and community. Ask survey-style questions, or get users to poll on interesting topics to boost interactivity. Take the initiative to respond directly and timely regardless of query, feedback or criticisms, just like B2C brands. It gets you seen as an exceptional B2B brand on Facebook.


  1. Write rambling, lead-gen posts

Ironically, the key to generating leads via Facebook is to post content not focused on lead generation. Every USP of your product may matter to you, but why should users care about it? Go for brevity because Facebook posts with 80 characters or less have 66% higher engagement. But if you must, try sticking to at most 100 words to keep things short, sweet and shareable. It’s why memes are viral.

  1. Use mundane images

Photos get likes and clicks. But those standalone mug shots of your product, the same ones found on your website or brochure – they are a big no-no. Show attractive and humorous images that speak directly to your audience’s interests or needs such as a smiling customer with a soundbite, or an original comic strip about trends in your industry.

  1. Confuse fans with potential buyers

Liking a brand page doesn’t automatically make a user a prospective buyer. Depending on your campaign goals, ensure that your content is targeted to the quirks of your audience based on the buying cycle. Good content won’t matter to an audience that has no need for it!

  1. Obsess with conquering the algorithms

Bear in mind that News Feed algorithm updates are designed to give users only the best content, and not forms of torture written in code for marketers. If anything, it’s a reminder that high-quality, targeted entertaining content always gets the last laugh. After all, you want only to reach users who are interested or even better, convinced, about your brand.

  1. Rule out paid social

Go for posts that are “promoted”, not “promotional” (see rule number 4 under ‘Do’). Building good content doesn’t stop there. It needs to be read by someone. If you’ve the budget, targeted impressions-based strategies can be extremely beneficial for B2B companies to build a following, especially for content meant for the later stages of the buying cycle.

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